Duo Gel Essentials Pack of 2 Gel Base & Top Refill 8 fl oz ea




Gel system essentials products are a bunch of gel products referring to gel base coat & gel topcoat that can use on any kind of the gel system, which can be laid over on natural nails, acrylic systems, and even on top of the dipping powder system.

Refill Available

Quick Dry

High Compatibility


Flexible Foundation

Creates optimum adhesion and gives nails a natural look with a thin durable coating that allows nails to maintain flexibility

Ultra-Glossy Gel Top Coat

Creates a shine effect on top of acrylic and/or gel polish. No wipe required

Velvet Gel Top Coat

Creates a matte effect on top of acrylic and/or gel polish. No wipe required


Why are gel polish keep peeled of my acrylic nails?

  • An long-time old acrylic won’t keep the gel polish stay as it was. Therefore, apply Super Primer before doing gel polish on the acrylic nail to make the adhesion between acrylic & gel polish.

Why are gel polish keep peeled out of my nails?

  • Any excess cuticles and moisture on natural nails will cause lifting and also excess powder and liquid.
  • Wipe the excess products when finishing all applications.
  • Apply Super Primer before doing a gel manicure to increase adhesion.

My gel polish never dry or dry slowly?

  • Our gel substance dried every 15 seconds under an LED lamp. Check your lamp bulbs if any part gets damaged.

Refill liquid substance getting harden & gone by the time?

  • Recommended to store the bottle vertically inside the box to make the liquid substance balance and in good condition.
  • Avoid direct sunlight to the bottle.

What is the best time to store gel refill bottle?

  • Gel substance is good to use up to 1 year after opening. The date of use may vary depending on the storing condition.
  • Keep store refill bottles out of direct sunlight as well as under room temperature.

Would gel top coat work as chrome top coat? What is the best way to do this?

  • Yes! It is absolutely possible to use our gel top coat as chrome gel top coat.
  • However, you should make sure you do it correctly!
  • It depends on the type of lamp that you use. On LED gel lamps, 25% of curing time is recommended (approximately 10 to 15 seconds).

Additional information

Weight 18.2 oz
Dimensions 4 × 2 × 7.5 in

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