Trio Dip Essentials Pack of 3 Dip Step 2 3 4 0.5 fl oz ea




Lighter than acrylic, stronger than gel polish but long-lasting, dipping powder is becoming the ideals for short nails. UX Nails Dip Liquid is the combination of products formulated without harsh chemicals and is added vitamins and calcium to strengthen natural nails.

Refill Available

Nail Friendly

High Compatibility


Base Liquid

Optimal viscosity ensures the maximum absorption


Quickly harden dipping powder in few seconds

Top Sealer

Create glossy top coat for dip powder


We have all necessary other products below to keep your dipping process going smoothly

Super Primer

Powerful bonding agent preventing artificial nails from lifting

Brush Saver

Save dip brush from drying out


Why are my nails lifting or broken?

  • Any excess cuticles and moisture on natural nails will cause lifting and also excess powder and liquid. Wipe the excess products when finishing all applications. Apply nail prep Super Primer before applying Step 2 Base Liquid to increase adhesion.
  • At least 4 layers of dipping powder needed. Don’t forget the foundation clear powder layer & a sealer clear layer at the end. 1 layer base clear + 2 layers of color + 1 layer clear sealer. Remember to apply Step 3 Activation when you finish dipping & before applying Step 4 Top Sealer. (totally 2 times)

My dip powder not dried and came off when I file?

  • For customer who use the refill #3 activation, it might cause low dry. Please ensure that tight the refill bottle by the sealer cap after every using and the small #3 activation bottle is clean.
  • Some dipping colors don’t dry faster compared with others. Please dip only 2 to 3 color layers and then a sealer clear powder at the final. 180 grit Nail File is recommended when you file your nail shape.
  • Our Step 4 Top Sealer will dry fully after 30 seconds. Make sure to apply thin layers double time. Remember to re-apply Step 3 Activation before you do Step 4 Top Sealer.

How to avoid harden brush?

  • Make sure the liquid level is high enough to cover fully the brush. Use the refill bottle to add the liquid substance.
  • Avoid any specks of dirt & excesses trapped on the brush and also clean the bottleneck after each time of using.
  • A very common problem causing harden Step 4 Top Sealer brush is when you apply right after Step 3 Activation. Wait at least 30 second before doing step 4.

My bottle is leaking & I can't open it?

  • Our refill bottle was sealed by the aluminum foil with the sealing cap, which safety to carry. Keep store the bottle vertical to avoid any leaking or damage liquid. If you see any leaking liquid on a brand new bottle, please feel free to Contact Us to get a replacement one. Simply it happened caused by leaking liquid on refill bottle Step 2 and Step 4. Contact us to get a replacement.
  • Latex gloves are recommended to use when you twist the sealing cap of the leaking bottle. If you can’t, place the bottle in the steam hot towel machine for 30 minutes and try again.┬áRecommend to clean the bottleneck after each time of use to avoid the neck and cap stuck together.

Refill liquid substance getting harden & gone by the time?

  • Recommended to store the bottle vertically inside the box to make the liquid substance balance and in good condition.
  • Avoid direct sunlight to the bottle.

Is it better to use refill bottle than small bottle?

  • The technician who does every day should use a refill bottle to save money. Otherwise, use a small bottle.
  • Liquid substance is good to use up to 1 year after opening. The date of use may vary depending on the storing condition.
  • Keep store refill bottles out of direct sunlight as well as under room temperature.

Additional information

Weight 6.7 oz
Dimensions 4.5 × 1.5 × 3.5 in

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