Underneath M


Underneath nail drill bit featuring to clean up the cuticle or under the nail bed that conventional bits cannot. M grit quickly removes unwanted piece of acrylic.



Enjoy pure tungsten high-quality top-rated nail drill bit, UX Nails provides a long-life bit with unique grit gears ensure sharp as well as fast execution in any surface condition for cleaning results.

Safety Design

Fast & Reliable


3/32" Shank


All breaking bits are rounded to the top to prevent the injury. Also available in 5XC, 3XC, and 2X grits.


Smoothing is a common practice to smooth the surface after finishing the application. Also available in C, M, F, and XF grits.

Cleaning bits

Cleaning bits featuring as removing cuticle dead skin and acrylic underneath. Also available in underneath C, M grits & cuticle care C grit.

S Band Holder

Our powerful mandrel bit gives you the ability to change the sanding band rapidly than the regular one


What is the 2-way grit and one-way grit?

  • Our nail drill bits can be used by anyone either left or right-handed except R-Handed 4XC Grit.
  • 2-way grit means can be used by any way of movement.
  • 1-way grit means only used by movement according to design. This type of drill will be marked as L-Handed or R-Handed meaning designed for either left-handed or right-handed people.

What is the different between speedy bits & tornado bits?

  • Speedy carbide is the name of a series nail drill bit containing grit of 4XC, 3XC, 2XC, C, M, F, XF, and Underneath M grit.
  • Tornado carbide includes grit of 5XC and Underneath C grit.
  • The difference between Speedy Carbide & Tornado Carbide is how the gear designed. Tornado gear can take down acrylic faster than Speedy whereas Speedy gear anti-clogging is better than the other.

My sanding band won't fit mandrel bit?

  • Check out our sanding bands to make sure it will fit well with our mandrel bit.

My breaking bits get dirty after soaking-off acrylic?

  • Place the dirty breaking bit into a jar of acetone in 5-10 minutes then you can clean it.
  • To prevent the soak-off acrylic from sticking to breaking bits, make sure to wipe off the melted powder before using the breaking bit.

How to remove cuticle dead skin by nail drill bit?

  • There are many ways to remove the dead skin by a drill bit.
  • Sanding band & mandrel bit will be the best choice for you to clean dead skin before doing extension nails.
  • If there is leftover dead skin on the cuticle, you can use our Diamond Bit Cuticle Care to remove it.
  • Underneath M Grit can be used to remove the detailed small spot if the others doesn’t work.

What is the different between nail drill bit grits?

  • Nail drill bit grits tell you how much amount of powder it will take down so that you can choose the right grit for your service.
  • 5XC > 4XC > 3XC > 2XC > C > M > F > XF

How to choose the grit for nail drill bit on doing artificial nails?

  • You love your drill bit and want to use it on every service but it isn’t a good idea if you use XF grit drill bit on Pink & White or acrylic design.
  • You can follow our guide to pick the right grit on certain service below:
  • Acrylic full set & fill-in: F/M grit | Acrylic Design / Pink & White: C/M grit | Dip Powder: F/XF grit.
  • Take off gel polish: 2XC grit | Take off dip powder: 4XC/ 3XC grit | Take off gel polish on acrylic: 4XC | Take off acrylic to soak: 5XC,/4XC grit.

Additional information

Weight 0.2 oz
Dimensions 0.45 × 0.45 × 2.72 in


Product Type

Speedy Carbide

Shank Size


Head Shape

Point Head


M – 2 Way




Hygienically clean after each use

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